Sub-Tech give a new lease of life to The Icehouse at Park Crescent

Sub-tech are proud to have been a part of the restoration of the a historical structure ‘The Icehouse’ in Park crescent Regents park.

Originally built in the 18th century, this grade 1 listed structure had long been abandoned but was unearthed during the construction of a prestigious development.

The Icehouse was historically used to store ice brought by barge from Scandinavia, the ice would stay frozen year round and would be sold to local merchants and ice cream parlours. Sadly, it was filled with muck and bricks during the 1950s and has not been viewed since then.

Sub-Tech were the first call for a developer tasked with removing all the muck and bricks that had filled the icehouse since the 1950s. Working through a tiny 600 mm opening in the roof of the 10 metre structure.

Please take time to view our case study for more information on the project here